Social Dance Etiquette

DENW pride ourselves in providing a safe and friendly environment in which Adults can socially interact and come together through the love of music and dance. To keep the Dances safe for all, we recommend the following guidelines when attending a Dance Events North West Social Dance:

  • Be polite when requesting a dance partner to join you on the dance floor. If your partner does not know the dance, please refrain from attempting to teach them during the social.
  • Be mindful of the correct dance hold and body positioning when dancing with anyone other than your regular partner.
  • Please join the dance floor when the next dance is called, ready to begin the dance when counted in.
  • Once the dance has ended, please vacate the dance floor.
  • Please give priority to those who are dancing on the dance floor, eg. When chatting at the edges of the dance floor and when returning to your seats with drinks from the bar
  • Please notify a member of the DENW Team of any spillages on the dance floor as soon as possible, so that we can keep the dance floor a safe space.
  • Photography or videos of the dance events are only permitted with prior permission of Dance Events North West Ltd
  • No unlawful recording of the music

Please follow this link for more detailed information on our Safeguarding Policy.