Welcome To Our Dance Family

Dance Events North West are here to provide an enjoyable Adult dance experience, whether you are just beginning your dance journey, have years of dance experience or are returning to the dance floor with or without a regular partner.

What Dancing Means To Us...

"Since COVID took over our lives getting back on the dance floor has been a big thing for me. The care DENW take before we arrive, the music, the demos, the friendships and the fabulous refurb at the Pop Club, I am glad to report that dancing is back to being a big and important part of my life. Thank you DENW."

"Dancing is a great social activity. I have met some fabulous people and formed some wonderful friendships. Dancing helps with fitness. You don't need to join a gym to do a workout. A 2½ hour social dance does that for you. Dancing helps to keep your brain active, whether it's learning new sequences or remembering the steps you've already learnt. And, as they say 'Practice makes Perfect', so the more you practice the easier it becomes. it's almost like riding a bike, but you don't fall off. "

"I have been dancing a number of years, DENW’s music makes your feet tap, your body sway, you sing a long and enjoy yourself. It simply makes you feel great!!"

"Ballroom dancing has given me the most pleasure from the corners of my mind to the tips of my toes. It challenges my brain, benefits my body as I attempt to learn and express myself, the variety of music makes my heart sing, and having a partner is a way to meet so many interesting people who share the same interest. For me, it is a 'Fun Challenge.' I Love to Dance, I love to learn and I love to have fun."

Discover how you can love life on the dance floor with DENW